Air Jordan 1 20210107

I didn’t really talk about this kind of customer service. The service attitude was really bad, and I didn’t return the information after reading it. I tried it and said that there was serious wear and tear, so I couldn’t return it. I usually wear shoes of size 35, but I bought them in size 36. I just changed the goods. The customer service said that there was serious wear and tear. I said that I could check the goods, but I didn’t return the information. Anyway, if I could delay the time, I would delay the time, and I could pit one person It’s a person who has never met anyone who has paid for it. He just wants to have a good negotiation. The customer service refuses to communicate. It’s just that there’s a little ash on it. If you wipe it, it’s seriously worn out. I haven’t seen this kind of thing in physical stores. I don’t recommend this store seriously

It should be true. I know the goods and support the inspection. The size is too small. I suggest buying a bigger size. I returned it and took it again. Just wear a little bit of little toe, wear a week or so, it’s OK. It’s not bad. It’s my first pair of AJ, and it doesn’t disappoint me. Oh, by the way, the thick ankle may be a little bit worn. After all, it’s not high enough to buy a high insole. Ha ha ha ha

Air Jordan 1

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