adidas Crazy 8 20210108

It’s the last pair years ago. As Tianzu series, they should be good shoes with good foot feeling. However, these shoes are not suitable for actual combat. Generally, both hands will deform as soon as they are twisted. The upper is not well supported and soft. The sole is hard rubber without cushioning. It is obviously not enough to rely on a slightly thicker insole. If the laces are all put on the instep, the ankle will shake if the laces are not fully fastened. The grip is not clear. It feels good. It needs to be verified. The shoes are light and breathable. If you like your appearance, there are many good shoes at this price.

First, this is my first time to buy shoes in their house. Second, every cent of the goods, slightly defective, but completely acceptable. Third, it’s cool, isn’t it The comfort is also good, basically no cushioning, but there is no problem walking through the streets. Fourth, if it’s a basketball shoe, why doesn’t it have a TPU heel reinforcement system, but a bottom anti twist system and an inner boot design Why on earth is this Fifthly, I didn’t check whether it was true or not, because it was meaningless. First, this is the seller’s conscience. Second, comfort is the king’s way. Even if Wu Yifan comes out with a pair of fake shoes, you will not believe it. Therefore, this pair of shoes does not affect my flying. Sixth, if you have any questions, you can ask me. By the way, the shoes do not deviate from the size of 43. Seventh, there is no problem with grip. There is also an anti rollover design. Eighth, ventilation. It’s 28 degrees outside now. It’s not hot to wear it out. Compared

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