adidas Ultra Boost X 20210805

Boost is really soft, and the sock design is very convenient, for people like me who don’t like to wear socks! I’m a size 38 foot. I shot a low top 37.5 before, but it’s still small. Later, I changed the high top 38.5, and I lost it when I was big. But because of the woven material, I won’t miss my feet. The high top has another advantage, it won’t grind the ankle! I love it! Moreover, gaobang is much more beautiful than expected. The upper is thinner and suitable for summer and autumn. Moreover, it is hollowed out in the middle, which can be said to be very breathable, so you can wear it when you go to the gym! Shop delivery fast, after-sales is also good, what problems quickly solved, great!

I bought it for my mother. She said it was very suitable and comfortable, but it was expensive. In fact, my mother was relatively simple. I forgot to tell the customer service not to issue the order amount. I was afraid that my mother would not be willing to wear the shoes. The shoes were very good. They were highly praised!

adidas Ultra Boost X

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