Converse Jack Purcell 20210807

How to say, the express delivery is really slow. It took me a week to get the shoes. Of course, there was also my fault, but the shoes received had defects, and the back label was also crooked. It was half a size larger, and there was a little squeeze at the toe of the shoes. Obviously, I was drunk when I could squeeze my feet when I was big. My feet were not fat, and I felt embarrassed when I just wore them. The soles are not particularly soft. If you wear them once, the soles will be worn like this. If you buy a pair of ancestral white shoes, in short, you are not satisfied with a very unpleasant shopping experience.

I was disappointed with this store for the first time. I bought blue low help 70 and pink high help 70. I went to the store to try two yards, including those on the shelf, in order to see if it was suitable. There was no such situation, so the activity could be flawed by giving a little discount I really suggest that I go to the physical store to buy it later. It’s not that I can’t buy it. The price is the same

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