Nike Kyrie 3 20210810

I don’t know if it’s thin feet or what. The logo on the outside is sunken, but the comfort is OK. The sole is hard, but it’s very good in disguise/

The shoes are not just right, there are no flaws. They were also very comfortable. The customer service attitude was very good. I like Owen’s shoes. After all, he is my idol. I’ll buy it here again.

I feel that the base is hard. Although there is definitely a little lack of cushioning, it can fully improve the reaction of starting and the grip is also very stable, especially the two concentric circles on the sole greatly improve the grip. The picture below is mine. I often fight in the field. After a long time, the lines are almost worn. But for the explosive breakthrough players, they are especially suitable for the first evaluation. Just have a look. Everyone has everyone’s feeling. Thank you.

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