adidas D Rose 773 V 20210907

The shoes are still very good-looking. I didn’t go to identify them. I’m not sure whether they are genuine or not. However, it’s not a high-tech shoe that only sells more than 260 yuan. It’s very cost-effective to be able to play. I’ve received a trial of 43 yards. It’s a strong sense of wrapping. I should have no problem playing. I’ll make a review after the actual combat

I’ve been wearing it for a long time. It’s nearly a year old. It’s wearable. It’s cushioned. It’s comfortable to wear. It’s breathable. It’s just that the forefoot will be empty, but it’s OK to wear basketball socks. Grip. I can hold the grip when I hit the plank. I can brake. I think the trouble is, in rainy days, because the toe is up warped, it will splash water, so do not wear it in rainy days, it will be absolutely wet. Another point, the sole lines are deep enough, but I got a small stone on the bottom of my foot when I hit the cement floor. It was hard to see the thief. Every time I went to the cement floor to play ball, I would slowly pick the stones with a toothpick. Now that I’m in bed, I don’t want to shoot my shoes. I just want to take a picture

adidas D Rose 773 V

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